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Doll Molds and Doll Making Supplies

For Doll Makers we offer Byron doll molds, Wanke doll molds, doll stands, doll display cases, doll eyes, doll joints, doll pellets, doll squeakers, doll  eyelashes, and other doll-making supplies.
We have many more Doll Molds that are not shown on this website. Please call, fax or email us if you require a Wanke, Byron or Maria Teske Doll Mold not shown here on our website. 

Click on underlined selection in either column to view:

          Doll Making Molds and 
Doll Body Patterns:

Byron French Doll Molds:

Doll Molds by Bru Jne   
Doll Molds by Jumeau  
Doll Molds by S.F.B.J.  
Doll Molds by  A. Thuillier  
Doll Molds by  Steiner and A. Marque  
Doll Molds by Other French Artists   

Byron German Doll Molds:
Doll Molds by KammerReinhardt  

yron Body Molds and Patterns:
Body Molds   
Soft Doll Body Patterns 9.5" to 17" 
Soft Doll Body Patterns 18" to 37.75"  

Doll Making Kits:

Craft Cone for Angels, etc. 
Doll Kits
, Pre-Colored Bisque
Mop Head Doll Kits  

Doll Wigs:

Doll Wigs - Human Hair and Mohair  
Doll Wigs - Acrylic, Monique  
Doll Wigs - Acrylic, Pippin's Hollow  
Curly Rag & Cloth Doll Hair 
Doll Pates  
Doll Wig Brush  

Doll Accessories, Doll Clothes, etc.:

Doll Pantalets, Tiara, Purse Hinges  
Doll Clothes Hangers, Wings, Parasol
Doll Stockings, Doll Socks, Doll Tights  
Doll Shoes  
Doll Clothes Patterns, Carlisle  

Doll Studio Supplies: 
Headband Magnifier      
Doll Making Tools:
Doll Crafter Beginners Tool Kit  
Lady Finger Tool Set  
Detail Carving Tool  
Clean Up Tools 

Doll Stuffing and 
 Doll Assembly Supplies
Doll Stuffing Pellets 
Movable Doll Joints & Limb Connectors
Doll Stuffing Tool 
Doll Assembly Supplies 
Hog Ring Pliers  

Doll Modeling Clay and Tools:
Modeling Clay Compound, CERNIT   
Clay Working Tools  
Sculpting Tool Set 
Doll Crafting Tools 
Clay Gun, Compact  
Clay Extrusion Guns, Industrial size  


Doll Eyes and Doll Eye Glasses: 
Doll Eyes, Glastic-Realistic  
Doll Eyes, Original Glastic
Doll Eyes, Krystal   

Doll Eye Setting Supplies
Doll Eyelashes & Eyelash Setting Tool  
Doll Glasses - Doll Eyeglasses 

Novelty Eyes for Dolls etc.:
Wiggle Eyes  
Eyes with Iris for Dolls, Teddy Bears,
Owl, Cat & Animal Eyes  

Sound Makers for
Dolls and Toys:

Squeakers for Dolls & Toys  
Rattles for Dolls & Soft Art  
Jingle Balls  
Voice Recorders, Compact  

Doll Displays:   
Doll Display Stands  
Display Cases for Dolls, etc.  


Quantity Minimums may also apply on certain items.

For Large Quantity POWER PRICING Please Contact Us.

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