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Products for Crafters, Artisans and Educators

Minimum Order = $10.00


4-1/2" Round blown glass with hanging loop, 3" side opening and 3 bud openings at the top.

Mini Faceted Pin Lights:

8 Transparent Colors Plus Assorted.  Just 1/8" Round. 


Our popular 70 GPH Compact Fountain Pump is now available in a fountain pump that can be used both INDOORS OR OUTDOORS

Small Clock Movements & Long hands for Clocks Up to 24" Round:

Also available with WALL MOUNT CASE which is ideal for making large wall clocks with separate numerals.

Vintage Look PENDANT STYLE Lamp Cord Set:

Includes fabric-wrapped 15-1/2 foot cord, Edison style socket, mounting hooks and cord shorteners. 

EDISON STYLE  Light Bulb Lamp Kits:

Turns your Beer Growler, Wine Bottle etc. Into An Instant Lamp! 

Hummingbird Feeder Tubes:

FLORAL STYLE with realistic soft red plastic tip that increases visibility to your feeders.  
SELF-CLOSING STYLE with tiny stainless steel ball bearing  inside tip that closes tip when hummingbirds aren't feeding.

Jewelry Findings 
Classic and Vintage Designs  
Awaiting your creative touch!!!

Pins and Pendants   Rings, Bracelets & more    Western Style Bolo Tips   Coin Holders   Earrings   and MORE

MORE Ceramic Kiln STILTS
Just Added To Our BAMA Line!

In addition to our other BAMA Stilts we now have 4 New Tripod Stilts, 2 New Star Stilts, A New Doll Stilt and Jumbo Size Bar Stilt.
BAMA brand Stilts have needle sharp stilt pins and can be fired to a maximum of 2025░ F. 

Wine Bottle Hanging Lamp  Kits:

Recycle your Wine Bottles into unique Pendant Lighting Accents. 

Acrylic Clock Stands:

Ready for your creative touch. Also available with quartz clock mechanism and hands.

Lighting Kits for Mason Jars::

Lighting Kits include LID and wiring components. Bright brass plated lid fits canning jars with 2-5/8" diameter mouths. (Jar NOT included.)

Canning Jar Lids with Wick Holders:

Four New Sets! Sets include Brass Finish Lid, Wick and Glass or Ceramic Wick Holders. 

Whittling Kits:

Kits include pre-cut whittling blanks, patterns, carving hints and more.

LED Night Lights
with Automatic Dusk To Dawn Feature:

Light sensitive Night Lights turn on and off automatically. LED bulbs are long-lasting and energy efficient.

White Rubber Stoppers:

WHITE Synthetic Rubber Stoppers are the same quality as our Red Stoppers In Popular Sizes. 

Viscosity Cup:
for Ceramic Slip:

Simple ceramics aid helps you determine and attain the correct viscosity of ceramic slip. 

12" Clear Plastic Turntable:

Revolves on 18 steel ball bearings. Can hold up to 50 pounds centered load.  Low profile is just 1/2"H 
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