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DECALS for Ceramics, Glass and Crafts
Only 75¢ to $2.50 Per Package.

Kiln-Fired & Non-fired Water Transfer Decals for Ceramics, Glazed Surfaces & Tiles, White Ware, Glass, Crafts & more.  May be supplied in Packages or Loose Sheets depending on stock available Decals are NOT Food Safe.

Minimum Order = $10.00

Ceramic Decals For Dark Ware:

WITH GOLD HIGHLIGHTS That Have Beautiful Cloisonne Look. For Use On COBALT or DARK GLAZED CHINA. 

Ceramic Decals For White Ware:

WITH GOLD HIGHLIGHTS That Have Beautiful Cloisonne Look.  For Use On WHITE GLAZED CHINA .

Glass Decals:

NOT for use on Ceramics.

No-Fire Decals:

With clear protective coating. (Sealing with a clear finish is suggested.)

Decal Transfer Paper:

Make Fire-On Ceramic Decals with your HP or Canon Black-Only Laser Printers and Copiers.

How To Apply & Fire Decals:

Firing Guidlines & Troubleshooting
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