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Wind-Up Musical Movements Top-Mount Rotation Assembly Installation Instructions

Top-Mount Rotation Assembly Installation Instructions for Wind-Up Musical Movements        
Can be used with both Sankyo & Yun Sheng 18-Note Windup Musical Movements

  1. Remove plastic cover from your movement.
  2. Remove screw A. Do not remove screw AA
  3. Remove screw B from underside of movement.
  4. Remove protective plastic cover G from threaded end of Rotation Shaft F.
  5. Place Rotation Assembly C onto movement so that metal peg D fits into small hole in bottom of long leg of Rotation Assembly.
  6. Position short leg of Rotation Assembly so that its hole lines up with screw hole A. Insert screw A through hole in short leg and tighten securely into metal base.
  7. IMPORTANT: Teeth of small gear E must mesh properly with large gear on movement's melody drum. Adjust, if necessary, by pulling up on Shaft F & rotating to get proper mesh.
  8. Long screw H replaces short screw B. Fasten long screw H to base by passing screw down through long leg. Tighten screw H securely into metal base.
  9. Rotation Shaft moves in a clockwise direction. Movement is wound using Key in base of movement.        



Note: Use Top Mount Rotation Assembly with Metal Disc Turntable 221-146-03 - sold separately. Turntable threads onto Rotation Shaft in a counter-clockwise direction.

Installed Rotation Assembly

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