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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions for Ordering

How do I find items on your website?

There are 5 ways to find an item on our website:

  1. Type the item stock number, if known, into the Search box located in the left top portion of any of our web pages. You do not need to use dashes in the item number.
  2. Type the generic name in the Search box. Fox example, typing the word brushes will take you to all the listings in the index that use the word brushes or brush.
  3. Choose the category you want from the Product Groups drop-down menu at the top of the page then click through the subcategories to find the product you want.  
  4. Click on any photo or Product Group name on the homepage to get to the desired item.
  5. Click Product Index located in the Product drop-down menu and at the bottom of the home page to search for the product alphabetically. 

I see the item I want but there's no item number or price.  How do I find it?

The photo and description appear at the top of the screen.  The item number and price appear below this. You can order items here.

How do I add items to my Shopping Cart?

Select the item you want, scroll down until you see the item number and prices. To the right of the prices is a blank box. Add the quantity you want and click on the word "order". Please note that some items have minimum quantity ordering requirements.

How can I remove an item in my Shopping Cart?

If you've entered a quantity but haven't clicked on the word "order" yet, you can simply delete the quantity entered. If you've already added the item to your cart and are on the "review order" screen, replace the quantity you entered with a “0” (zero) and click on "order". The item will be deleted from your cart. 

How can I change a quantity in my Shopping Cart?

Delete the number in the quantity box then enter the new quantity and click on "order". This overrides the old quantity.

How can I see what is in my Shopping Cart if I'm not finished shopping yet?

Go to the top of any page and click on "review order". This will show you all items in your shopping cart.

Do you offer items not shown on your website?

Yes. Although our website is very comprehensive and includes new items and specials as they become available, we may have items from past catalogs that do not appear on the website or items that we have not been able to add yet. If you are looking for a particular item that you can't find on the website, you can call us with your request.

How can I tell if an item I've ordered is in stock?

Items out of stock are indicated as No Stock in the box where you would normally place the quantity you wish to order.   

How will I know that you have received my order?

After placing an order our system automatically forwards an email confirmation to you. If you do not receive this confirmation, please call us.

Are items in your catalog and on your website the same?

Products with the same stock numbers are identical. However, we are continuously adding new items and specials to our website which will not appear in the catalog.

I see what I want but I need a different color etc. Can I place a SPECIAL ORDER?

For special requests we ask that you phone or email us with your request and be sure to provide a call back number if you leave a voicemail so we can discuss your requirements with you. Please note that if you choose to proceed with a special order it will require payment in advance. Minimum special orders for domestic items are $100.00. Minimum special orders for imported items are $2,000.00.

I need all/some of the items I ordered to complete my project. How can I indicate this? 

Use the comments box when you check out to let us know this. If we cannot complete your order as required we will contact you.

I don't have a business or a resale number. Can I order from you?

Our products are sold by quantity. If you are able to meet the item and total order minimums we will be glad to process your order.

Can I place a small or sample order below your minimum?

Our Minimum Merchandise Order is $10.00 net (contiguous U.S. only) but we can provide orders below this amount or samples of most items at an additional charge of $7.50 plus the price of the item and the cost of shipping. All Below Minimum orders must be phoned in. All Sample Orders must be phoned in as it gives us the opportunity to answer any technical questions you may have concerning the product and to determine your exact needs. (Samples outside the contiguous U.S. cannot be provided.)

Can I place an order on your website and then pick it up at your warehouse?

For pick up orders, please call in to place your order and allow at least one business day for processing. Orders can be picked up between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. est. Mondays- Fridays. 

I like to use your website but prefer to mail my order to you. How do I do that?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Make out your order online. When you check out you will be prompted to choose a method of payment. Choose either "Credit Card by Fax or Mail" or "Check or Money Order by Mail". By selecting one of these your order will appear on the screen. Print it out, fill in any additional information required and mail it to us.
  2. Print our “Printable Order Form”  and use this blank form to list the items you want and mail it to us with your payment.

Can you refer me to a dealer in my area that sells your products?

Due to the complexities of managing such an extensive line, we cannot. We find it more efficient to have a single distribution point. This way we can provide high in-stock inventory levels, quick service and competitive prices.

Do your products come with instructions?

Some products may include instructions. On items that we manufacture or import we evaluate the need for instructions and provide them accordingly. On products that we distribute such as potters wheels and airbrushes the manufacturers provide instructions. In a few instances, instructions are also located directly on our web site.

Do you guarantee your products?

On items that we distribute, many of the manufacturers  provide their own guarantee. For all other items please view our Terms of Purchase > Returns and Exchanges for a full explanation.

Pricing / Discounts

Are extra discounts available for very large quantities?

In many cases we can provide additional discounts if the quantities are sufficient to enable us to do this. Please call us so that we can discuss your needs.

If I have been offered a special discount how do I apply it to my web order?

We encourage you to phone or fax your order to insure proper pricing. However, you can place the order on our website but be sure to indicate the special pricing you get in the comments box when you check out. Even though the items will be priced at our standard prices we will adjust those prices when we process your order.

If an item I ordered is out of stock will it still be used to earn a Quantity Discount?

Yes. You will get your full discount even though an item may be out of stock at the time.

Is the pricing on your website current?

We attempt to maintain current prices on our website. Maintenance errors and occasional delays in posting current prices may occur, however. If a price is critical to the completion of your project you may call us to make certain of the current price. All prices are subject to change at any time. 

I don't understand your pricing system. Can you explain it to me?

Our pricing is based on quantity. The more you order, the more you save. Across the top of the price columns are various headings. One of them is marked "unit". This is the packaged quantity in which the item is priced. If, for example, the unit column says “ea.” then the item is packaged and priced individually. If the unit column says "Pkg/10"  then the item is packaged and sold in units of 10. The quantities shown above the price columns are the quantities required to achieve the price below them. For example: The unit is Pkg/10 and you want 100 pieces of that item. You would order a quantity of 10 because there are 10 pieces in each package. All items are similarly priced in the units indicated beside each item number.

Do you charge sales tax?

Only Ohio residents are subject to a Sales Tax, based on the county of residence, unless you provide us with your Tax Number. When you check out there is a place where you can enter this number. On subsequent web orders this information will be automatically entered for you when you check out. However, we ask that you mail or fax us a copy of your tax license for our records.

Shipping / Returns / Shipment Tracking

How will I know the cost of shipping?

Standard Ground Service within the Contiguous U.S. for orders of $274.99 Net or less. Orders over $274.99 pay actual shipping plus $3.95 Handling Fee. 

We determine the best method of shipment unless you select UPS or FedEx exclusively when you check out, there will be an additional $3.50 charge on orders under $275.00.  Shipping charges on small orders OUTSIDE the Contiguous U.S. can be Significant.

Shipping & Handling Fee Chart within U.S
 Order Amount ADD
 $10.00 - $24.99____$  7.65
 $25.00 - $34.99____$10.40
 $35.00 - $49.99____$14.20
 $50.00 - $74.99____$15.80
 $75.00 - $99.99____$16.95
 $100.00 - $124.99____$18.40
 $125.00 - $149.99____$20.10
 $150.00 - $174.99____$21.80
 $175.00 - $199.99____$23.30
 $200.00 - $224.99____$27.00
 $225.00 - $249.99____$31.30
 $250.00 - $274.99____$34.30


Minimum: $10.00 for orders within the contiguous U.S. $25.00 for orders outside the contiguous U.S.


We ship International orders the Best Way - either USPS or UPS. Shipping charges on orders outside the Contiguous U.S. can be significant.
Shipping charges are subject to change without notice.

International Shipping Fees
 Order Amount ADD
CanadaUp to $30.00____$19.75 USD
 $30.01 - $50.00____$26.00 USD
 $50.01 - $75.00____$45.00 USD
 $75.01 - $100.00____$49.00 USD
AustraliaUp to $30.00____$22.75 USD
 $30.01 - $50.00____$30.00 USD
 $50.01 - $75.00____$39.00 USD
 $75.01 - $100.00____$49.00 USD
United KingdomUp to $30.00____$24.75 USD
 $30.01 - $50.00____$30.00 USD
 $50.01 - $75.00____$45.00 USD
 $75.01 - $100.00____$49.00 USD



All orders are insured. Insurance is included on U.S. orders up to $99.99. For orders over $100.00 there will be an additional charge of $3.15 per $100.00 or portion thereof to cover the cost of insurance. For shipments outside the continental U.S. the charge for insurance coverage is calculated at the time of shipment and added to your order.

C.O.D. Orders:  

We no longer accept C.O.D.s.

Amending your order: 

Please note that we process orders quickly. For this reason we cannot accept a change to your order more than 2 hours after it has been received. Therefore we urge you to carefully examine your order before placing it with us.

International Shipping Fees: 

Shipping Charges on Orders sent outside the contiguous U.S. can be substantial. If you do not request a quote for shipping charges we will ship the Best Way which is usually Priority Mail because shipments can be insured and tracked. We do not recommend 1st Class Shipping because orders cannot be insured or tracked.

Double-Check Your Shipping Address for Accuracy:

Providing incorrect house numbers, zip codes, apartment numbers, etc. causes delivery delays and result in additional cost to us charged by the carrier. Therefore, all address corrections will incur a $6.00 fee that will be billed to the credit card used to place your order. If you feel this fee has been applied in error please advise us so we may dispute this with the carrier.

How soon will I get my order?

That depends on the method of shipment used and your location. Delivery is generally 5-7 days from placement of your order depending on your distance from our warehouse and the method of shipment used. We offer a variety of expedited shipping methods at additional cost if you need your shipment quickly. We also offer Same Day order processing and shipment at an additional charge of $20.00.  When you check out after completing your order these choices and an explanation of the expected delivery time to your location will be provided.

Can I ship the order to a different address than my billing address?

Yes. When you check out following completion of your shopping, space will be provided for you to enter both a billing and a shipping address.

Do you ship to a post office box?

Yes, but UPS and FedEx will not deliver to a Post Office Box so we have to send such shipments via the U.S. Postal Service. Please Note: If we must use the Postal Service there is no way to track the shipment if it goes astray and we must wait 60 days before we can file a claim with the Post Office. If your postal address is different from your physical address please provide both.

Can you ship overseas?

Yes. The processing of your order only takes a few extra days and we provide all the necessary paperwork so that you will be able to clear customs.

Can I specify how I want my order shipped?

Yes. When you check out after shipping, you will be offered a choice of carriers and expedited options. Just indicate your preferences and we will follow your instructions.

Can I provide my own shipper number?

Yes - but it must be a UPS or FedEx number. A box is provided on checkout where you can enter your own shipper number. Please be accurate when you enter this number. If an incorrect number is used and the carrier returns the shipment to us we will charge your credit card or account for the cost of the return plus any carrier penalties. We will also charge your credit card or account if you fail to pay the shipping charges when due as this results in charges to us.

I see you drop ship some items. How does that work?

Each item that we drop ship will have an explanation on that page regarding the approximate length of time before shipping and the manner in which the freight will be handled. Some items are freight collect and others are freight included.

How do I track an order placed on your web site?

You can track an order on our website if it has been shipped from our warehouse via UPS, FedEx or the U.S. Postal Service and you have given us your email address. Click on "shipment tracking" at the top of any screen, then key in the Tracking number provided on the email confirmation you receive from us. The screen that appears will show you the steps to take for tracking your order.

What do I do if I need to return something to you?

You will need a Return Authorization (RA)  from us. Call, fax or email us requesting an RA and we will send one to you. This will have an explanation of our return policy. You can also read an explanation of our return policy in our Terms of Purchase. 


Payment Methods

What methods of payment can I use on your website?

Payment Methods: We accept MasterCard, Visa & Discover Credit & Debit Cards, Money Orders, Personal Checks and PayPal. (PayPal is limited to a maximum $274.99 order and is valid only in the continental U.S.). Please Note: We do not accept Prepaid Debit/Gift Cards from MasterCard, Visa or Discover as payment.
Open Account is available to approved customers. Bank Transfer is also available for Export Shipments but these require an additional charge of $30.00 for bank costs. C.O.D. is NOT available for Export Shipments.

Can I place an order on your website and mail you my payment?

If you prefer to mail us your payment there are two ways to do this:

  1. Make out your order online. When you check out you will be prompted to choose a method of payment. Choose either "Credit Card by Fax or Mail" or "Check or Money Order by Mail". By selecting one of these your order will appear on the screen. Print it out, fill in any additional information required and mail it to us.
  2. Print our “Printable Order Form”  and use this blank form to list the items you want and mail it to us with your payment.

Can I open an account with you?

Only well-established firms may apply for open account. Please request a credit application from us. Establishing an open account can take up to 3 weeks in order to receive credit information from your references and bank.


Back-Orders / Cancellations / Order Changes

If an item is out of stock do you back-order it?

We do not back-order items with a value of less than $25.00 or if we feel that the delay of shipment will be excessive. We only back-order items for shipment within the U.S.

How are back-orders priced and will I be charged shipping and handling?

Back-orders are priced at current levels. We do not charge handling but you will be charged for shipping. If you do not want any back-orders please indicate that in the comments box when you check out.

How do I know when a back-ordered item will be available?

If you call any of our Customer Service Representatives they will be able to give you an approximate date when your item should be available.

Can I change something on my order after I've checked out?

In most cases you can change something if you call us within an hour after placing your order without delay. If we have not yet produced a packing slip we can probably alter your order. However, if the order has been processed by our office staff we will ship it as originally ordered. We urge you to review all the information on your order before finalizing it as changes after we receive the order are difficult.

Can I cancel an order after I have checked out?

Yes, but please make sure you call us right away. If we have not yet produced a packing slip we can probably cancel it. If our warehouse staff has processed the order we will ship it as originally ordered. We urge you to review all the information on your order before finalizing it as cancellations after we receive the order are very difficult.


Technical Help / Passwords

Why won't your system accept my password?

Verify you have entered the correct password. If you are not sure of your password, when you are on the checkout page enter your email address, press "continue" and your password will be sent to you immediately. Another reason may be that there is a technical problem with the server that contains your data. This is usually a temporary problem. Wait an hour or so and try it again. If you continue to have problems please contact us via phone or email and if we cannot resolve the problem we will put you in contact with our webmaster.

Why can't I just call you to get my password?

Your password resides on a server containing your database. For security reasons you are the only one that has access to it.

How do I change my password?

If you want to change your password a box is provided on the checkout page where you normally enter your password allowing you to make the change.

The computer won't let me complete my order. What is the problem?

Most times this is caused by a temporary technical problem in the server that houses our software and database. Please wait a few hours and try again as these problems are usually resolved quickly. You may also want to check your computer to make sure that you have your "cookies" turned on. We require the information captured by these "cookies" in order to build a database with your purchase history in it. You can set the "cookies" in your computer to permit only certain sites to accept them while still maintaining your security. If you need help with this or if this is not the problem please contact us and if we cannot resolve the problem ourselves we will put you in contact with our webmaster.

How secure is the information I provide you?

The information we capture from your orders is kept on secure servers for your convenience when reordering. We do not rent, sell, exchange or share this data with anyone.


Contact Us

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