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Rose Decals

Intended for use on White Ware or other light colored surfaces.

May also be used on white gloss type hobby glazes with equal success. It is advisable to make a small test firing first to be sure your glaze is compatible.

  • Decals with * have a Clear Overcoat & can be used without kiln firing if sealed with a clear protective coating.

  • Water mount - kiln fire to cone 018.

  • Decals may be supplied in packages or loose sheets based on availability.

  • For decorative purposes only. NOT FOOD SAFE.

Crown Floral
Package of 40 decals 
1" x 3-1/2"


Darwin Roses
A) 24 pcs. 5"
B) 26 pcs. 4-1/2"
C) 30 pcs. 3-1/2"


Darwin Roses
Package of 108 decals 


May Roses*
Package of 36 decals 
If not firing, needs a clear seal. 


English Garden Rose
Package of 16 decals 


Red Rose Floral*
Package of 5 decals
If not firing, needs a clear seal. 


Stafford Roses*
Package of 45 decals 
If not firing, needs a clear seal.


Stafford Roses*
Package of 48 decals 
1-1/2" x 3-1/8" 
If not firing, needs a clear seal.


Rose Bouquet*
Package of 4 decals 
If not firing, needs a clear seal. 


Red & Pink Roses
A) 27 pcs. 3-1/2"
B) 42 pcs.  2-3/4"


American Beauty Roses*
A) 14 pcs. 4-3/4"
B) 18 pcs. 4-1/4"
If not firing, needs a clear seal. 


Estate Roses
Package of 30 decals 


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