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General Firing Instructions

  • Decals require a slow firing for best results.

  • Kiln must be well ventilated during burn-off period by propping lid open one inch as temperature is gradually increased.

  • When kiln has stopped smoking completely and has a rosy glow inside close the lid and plug the peep holes for the remainder of the firing time.

  •  After the cones are down or the kiln has automatically shut off allow kiln to cool naturally for one to two hours with the lid down and the peep holes still plugged for the temperature soak period.

  • CAUTION: Do not unload your kiln while it is still very hot. The cooler room temperature may cause crazing or crack the ware. 

  • These decals are not food safe.

  • For more on Firing Information go to To view their helpful Reference Library click the following on their website: Firing Products/Products for Ceramic Arts/Pyrometric Cones/Reference Library.

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General Firing Instructions

Minimum TOTAL Merchandise Order Is $10.

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