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Crank Assembly Extension Arm

Extension “Action Arm” Animation Device for SANKYO wind-up musical movement Crank Assemblies. 

  • The Extension Arm for crank assemblies produces motion for rockers, see-saws, action figures, and more.

  • Important: Only works with SANKYO full size 18-note musical movements.

  • Long end of Extension Arm is easily cut to desired length. Short, free-swinging end is glued into the moving part of your project.

  • For use with Short Crank (stock #221-151-08) which is mounted to Smooth Turn Shaft (stock #221-142-07). Complete kit available below. 

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Crank Assembly Extension Arm:
Animates seesaws, rockers, etc.

7" arm is easily
trimmed. Ends in
pivoting 1-1/4"
anchor bar.

Crank Extension Arm
shown installed.

Typical installation.
Figurine from
VIP Molds.

Click to zoom.
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Extension Arm only
Stock Number: 221-162-07
ea. $0.99 $0.75
Extension Arm Kit (turn shaft, crank, arm)
Stock Number: 221-200-09
ea. $1.29 $0.98 No Stock  

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  • Extension Arm only $0.75 & up

    • Stock Number: 221-162-07
    • Unit: ea.
    • List Price: $0.99
    • Quantity Price Breaks:
    • 1

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  • Extension Arm Kit (turn shaft, crank, arm) $0.98 & up

    • Stock Number: 221-200-09
    • Unit: ea.
    • List Price: $1.29
    • Quantity Price Breaks:
    • 1

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