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Decals for Ceramics & Crafts :

How To Apply and Fire Decals

General Application Instructions:
(Note: Object to receive decal must be completely clean and free of any oil or dust.) Immerse decal in lukewarm water for 20-30 seconds. Slide decal from the backing paper and position on glazed ware. (If decal doesn’t slide off easily place it face up on a paper towel for a minute.) Be sure decal is applied to your project face-up; otherwise it will burn completely off. Remove moisture with a soft, damp cloth or decal squeegee. Be sure wrinkles and bubbles are completely removed. Do not rub or press after decal has dried. Allow to dry 24 hours before firing.

  • Caution: Do not apply on surfaces that come in contract with food or drink.
  • Keep decals away from small children unless properly supervised.
  • Lead and Cadmium may be present in some colors.
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Decal Firing Temperature Guidelines
General Firing Instructions
Underfiring & Overfiring
Decal Trouble Spots
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